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Custom Electronics Powder Coating Technology

Powder Coated Bus Bars

Check out this new video based on our powder coating capabilities. This will be the first of many videos promoting our overall capabilities regarding the Power Systems Division of Custom Electronics. With advances in powder formulations and application methods, the well-tested and proven benefits of epoxy powder coating can be extended to a wider variety of electrical components.

Epoxy powder coating features a high dielectric strength finish which is a necessary quality for electrical insulation to protect manufacturing personnel and technicians who work on electrical systems. With the proper application technique, most parts can be uniformly coated to ensure a consistent insulation barrier. Prototype and short-run requirements, in particular, benefit from this insulating process by reducing the need for costly fixtures typically required to insulate or laminate multiple conductor assemblies. What’s more, the smooth and uniform finish that the epoxy provides is especially suited for protecting motor components, switchgear, cables and other parts.

Video Highlights

  • Virtually any color option is available
  • Our powders are UL 94 V0 tested and approved
  • Powder survives a minimum of 30 thermal cycles from -55°C to 200°C
  • Extreme Flexibility characteristics - Without compromising dielectric strength
  • Standard Hi-Pot Testing (AC and DC):
    • Hi-Pot DC - Up to 125,000V
    • Hi-Pot AC - Up to 20,000V
  • Average applied powder coat thickness is around .002" - .010" mils with a breakdown voltage around 3,000 Vdc
  • We can consistently achieve up to .040" mils and withstand up to 50,000 Vdc before breakdown
  • For more info about our manufacturing capabilities click here