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CEI’s Thor Eilertsen Gets Highlighted by C & E News - Custom Electronics, Inc.

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CEI’s Thor Eilertsen Gets Highlighted by C & E News

Graphene Electrolytic Capacitor

Oneonta, NY (August 20, 2014) - Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) Thor Eilertsen (Chief Technology Officer) was recently highlighted by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) in their most recent ‘Patent Picks’ article.

Graphene has been dubbed the “wonder material” by many for its superior properties dealing with transparency, flexibility, conductivity, overall strength and thickness. The one-atom thick material was discovered in 2004 by University of Manchester physicists Andre K. Geim and Konstantin S. Novoselov when they figured out a simple method for isolating single layers of graphite. With the recent discovery of this material, the number of patents relating to graphene electronics has exploded from around 500 in 2010 to over 4,000 in 2013!

Mr. Eilertsen has authored over 25 US and international patents; this is his first one that has been chosen as a 'Patent Pick'.

“I was very ecstatic when C&EN contacted me about the patent.” Thor stated. There is a need in the market for a device that combines the capacitance and voltage ranges of both electrolytic capacitors and EDLC’s (electric double layer capacitors AKA – Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors). As we are moving into a world of smaller and more portable electronics, the components that power these devices need to be able to compensate for increased efficiencies and power requirements. I believe the Graphene Electrolytic Capacitor will help to fill this void in the marketplace.” Mr. Eilertsen added.

About Thor

With over 40 years’ experience in the electronics R&D industry, Mr. Eilertsen has worked cohesively with digital artificial intelligence computer logic, wide band analog control and electrochemical energy storage systems. His experience has been invaluable to Custom Electronics Inc. in establishing the foundation of Ioxus Inc. He pioneered the development of the current line of Ioxus ultracapacitors and more importantly inventing the company’s patented HVD (high voltage device). The high voltage device is the product of Thor’s unique and forward thinking ideas about cell packaging and improved energy density of existing ultracapacitor topologies. Thor has also successfully developed and patented a smart controller that is used to improve the performance of ultracapacitors when married with battery energy storage systems. The thrust of his current research is in the material development of high voltage/capacitance with increased energy density electrodes. In many instances, these devices could replace and improve electrolytic capacitors reliability and response times. Indeed, this forward thinking is related to an effort and when successful, will literally revolutionize power conditioning energy storage recuperation and power delivery technology.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Custom Electronics Inc., Thor investigates all technologies that provides and promotes the guidance to research and development, furthering energy and power delivery products and systems. For CEI, these directions range from nanoscale particle manipulation, interfacial boundary conditioning, and large scale energy/power bus bar system concept development. He is responsible for establishing the current internal technology for pushing forward business policies, developing relationships with universities and industry to promote technology programs for renewable energy storage and power delivery systems.

Thor is a member of Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society, the IEEE, the Electrochemical Society, and has numerous society affiliations with groups including The Dielectric and Insulation Society, Power Electronics, and the Circuits and Systems Society. Thor’s education includes numerous degrees and certifications, including, New York State Certified Electronic Laboratory Engineering Certificate, Bachelor’s degree in science from State University of New York, Oneonta, and an Associate’s degree in Electronics from Wentworth College.

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